About Us

All you need to know about us is in our name:

International Network Real Estate Investment

INRE Investment is a network that allows worldwide interaction among real estate professionals specializing in rental investment properties.

Transparency, responsibility, trust, strong sense of cooperation, profound knowledge of the real estate market, are the shared values that unite the professionals of this network.

What we offer is an unprecedented opportunity in the real estate business. It maximizes your potential in the sales process and represents an effective tool to acquire new mandates, as it guarantees to your client’s properties visibility within the global market. An instrument designed by professionals, for professionals.

How it works

Each property uploaded to the platform is to be accompanied by primary information such as:

As a network user, you will be able to offer investors – be they single investors, real estate companies or investment funds – a tailor-made property deal which satisfies their preferences on terms of:

The network has an undeniable potential, which benefits all the stakeholders and gives to its user a concrete competitive edge, in both the sales and the acquisition process.

Why now?

The project of an international network that connects real estate agents all over the world has been around for a while. Why have we decided to launch it now, in such a troubled period?

It has been observed that there are certain dynamics that repeat themselves with every new stock market crash and consequent global financial crisis. As any experienced professional can confirm, these dynamics affect the real estate market in both the short and the long term. 

The real estate market usually responds to the financial crisis after a year, but in its own way. Records show that the financial market tends to react immediately, dropping over 30% in value. Differently, in the real estate market the only significant drop concerns the number of transactions and not the property value, which never drops more than 2%.

Statistics show that in response to a big crisis and a stock market crash, major investors tend to wait a period of time (which goes from 12 to 18 months maximum) in order to partially recover or crystallize the losses resulting from the crash. Following the redemption of the capital invested, they shift their focus to real estate investments.

As a result, there is a boom in demand for investments in rental properties.

Real estate is and has always been the safe haven asset par excellence, and in times of crisis it represents a sound investment for the future, as it is associated with safety, concreteness, solidity and long term reliability, as opposed to the sense of inconsistency and uncertainty of the stock market.

Stock market crash
Redemption of invested capital
Purchase of rental properties

INRE Investment is ready to supply the growing demand for purchase of rental properties. Its network, powered by the platform, maximizes your search power and the visibility of your assets on a global scale, becoming an essential tool to acquire new clients and listings.

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